Get involved with food waste prevention initiatives

food = moneyOne of the main sources of waste in Irish homes comes from food.

Food waste is a real problem in Ireland and it is costing Irish householders €700 each year. Imagine: if there are 100 household in your community, that’s €70,000 wasted! What could your community do with that amount of money every year?

There are many ways you can raise awareness of food waste in your community. You could set up awareness days and training sessions to look at things like:

  • What kinds of food are we most likely to waste?
  • What are our ‘bad  habits’ when purchasing food?
  • What’s the best way to store food?
  • Are our portions too large?
  • What do we know about ‘sell by’ and ‘use by’ dates?

There’s lots you can do with food waste prevention in your community. Some of the local householders probably have great ideas that they would be keen to share.

There is a wealth of information about all these issues on the Stop Food Waste website.