As the saying goes—change begins at home. By making some small but vital adjustments within our homes, householders can contribute enormously to a healthier Ireland, and a greener earth.

Waste Prevention at Home

Home is where the heart is, but it’s also where a lot of waste and emissions occur! In fact, about one third of Irish carbon emissions occur from our homes. Home is also where a large amount of food waste is generated and unnecessary energy is used. Through many of our projects, LAPN works directly with householders to help reduce the impact we have at home.

What can you do at home?

Becoming more conscious consumers and implementing a few key changes will help cut back on expenses and lessen the effect your home has on the environment.

Some of the things we can do at home include making sure to buy only what’s needed, switching to low energy appliances when upgrading, ensuring your home is well insulated and recycling and reusing products and packaging whenever possible.

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