Water Conservation

Almost half of the drinking water in Ireland is wasted. By making small changes within our households, businesses, and communities, we can reduce this startling figure.

Water is an extremely valuable resource, with only 2.5% of the Earth’s water being fresh water (and, of that, less than 1% available for use by humans).

While we certainly have an abundance of water, clean drinking water takes resources to produce and distribute.

According to the EPA, Ireland produces a startling 1.6 billion litres of drinking water each day, and delivers it to communities via 60,000 kilometers of pipelines. However, almost half of this purified, treated water is wasted.

LAPN has supported businesses and community groups across Ireland to reduce their water consumption through changes to infrastructure and behaviour.

From households to swimming pools, there’s always something you can do to preserve this vital resource. Simple steps like having shorter showers and turning the tap off when it’s not needed at home are important. So too are bigger changes such as upgrading plumbing to water efficient fixtures and carrying out leak tests on a regular basis.

Essential Resources

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