The reuse of materials is a core part of the Circular Economy and an important contributor to global sustainability. Items we throw out may still be fit for purpose – albeit some minor repairs may be required. That is why Fingal County Council established the Musical Instruments Reuse Project. Instruments were being disposed of at recycling centres, many of which were in good working order or in need of minor repairs.

The project involved establishing instruments collection at the recycling centres, after which they were cleaned, repaired and tested. Once ready, instruments were re-distributed back into schools, community organisations, centres for disability and autism, addiction and rehabilitation and also to individuals. Since 2019 over 220 musical instruments have been circulated back into the community – given to schools, centres for autism, addiction rehabilitation and disability, migrant centres and music groups.

Acoustic guitars, electric and bass guitars, keyboards and drums are the most common instruments handed in for ReUse. Musicians carry out the repairs and there are some beautiful items donated. Sometimes the more unusual instruments such as saxophones, fiddles and flutes are donated, these are generally given to established music groups for lessons.

Pianos are generally not accepted for ReUse at recycling centres. However, there are people who take pianos, they work on them as art pieces to create bespoke pianos for resale… so please get in touch if you have a good piano to offer.

Where can I donate?

What should I do with unused instruments?

Fingal County Council have a musical instruments ReUse program in place: – donate at Swords Estuary and Coolmine.

The following are different posters that can be downloaded and used by stakeholders promoting this project.

“We clean and repair the instruments and offer them to schools, migrant centres, community groups, centres for autism and rehabilitation.”