Who We Are

There are three main actors involved in the Local Authority Prevention Network.

get_technical_supportFirstly and most importantly are the Local Authorities involved, either full participants or potential participants. These are working on the ground, day to day to promote resource efficiency in Ireland within their communities. The local authorities are interacting with business, communities, householders, schools and within their own organisations to prevent waste.


NWPP logoTIF copy smallThe Network is also being supported by the Environmental Protection Agency under the National Waste Prevention Programme (NWPP). Financial grant aid is available from the EPA for participating local authorities, as well as promotional supports and other assistance. NWPP has been promoting resource efficiency in Ireland since 2004.


ctc-longFinally, the Clean Technology Centre gives advisory and technical day-to-day support to the local authorities. Established in 1992 in Cork Institute of Technology, CTC is recognised as one of the foremost organisations active in the waste prevention field in Europe. CTC is working with many sectors of society to promote resource efficiency and provides practical and worthwhile aid to local authorities as part of LAPN.