About LAPN

Hello, we’re LAPN. We’re passionate about what we do and eager to work with you, to make the future greener.

Who We Are

The Local Authority Prevention Network (LAPN) is a cooperative programme between the Environmental Protection Agency’s National Waste Prevention Programme and local authorities in Ireland. Our goal is to work with community leaders around the country, to promote waste prevention at a grassroots level for the benefit of their regions.

LAPN were launched in 2010 as a follow on from the Local Authority Prevention Demonstration Programme (LAPD), which ran from 2006-2009 and also involved a range of innovative waste prevention projects around Ireland. 

There are three main components involved in the Local Authority Prevention Network

Local Authorities

Firstly and most importantly are the Local Authorities involved. Local authority staff are the people working on the ground, day to day, to promote resource efficiency within their communities. They interact with businesses, communities, householders, schools and within their own organisations to prevent waste.

Environmental Protection Agency

LAPN is funded and led by the Environmental Protection Agency under the National Waste Prevention Programme (NWPP). Financial grant aid is available from the EPA for participating local authorities, as well as promotional supports and other assistance. NWPP has been promoting sustainability in Ireland since 2004.

Clean Technology Centre

The Clean Technology Centre gives advisory and technical day-to-day support to local authorities. Established in 1992 in Cork Institute of Technology, CTC is recognised as one of the foremost organisations active in the waste prevention field in Europe. CTC is working with many sectors of society to promote resource efficiency and provides practical and worthwhile aid to local authorities as part of LAPN.

If you want to find out more about the network and what we do, get in contact.