A guide for supporting free public drinking water

A new guide is available on supporting access to free public drinking water. The focus is on how to provide easy access to free water refill points, to try to change how water is consumed when people are out and about – a simple, positive climate action. The overall aim is to help reduce the use of single-use water bottles – a phenomenal 80 million is estimated to be used in Ireland each year.

There has been a variety of LAPN projects in this area over the last few years carried out by local authorities across the country. To help local authorities and communities to continue this water refill movement, LAPN and a number of the local authorities involved have prepared this guide, outlining what can be done and how to approach it.

The guide showcases examples of the different ways that local authorities in Ireland are helping people access free public drinking water. Projects have ranged from initiatives encouraging local businesses to sign up to the ‘tap map’ on refill.ie to installing new public drinking water fonts in handy, outdoor locations like parks and greenways. Work has also included installing fonts in schools, third level institutions, and public buildings like leisure centres and community centres, along with campaigns to help encourage their use. Events like local runs and festivals have also been included via mobile/temporary hydration units.

The local authorities that have been involved in the production of this guide include:

  • Cavan County Council
  • Cork City Council
  • Donegal County Council
  • Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council
  • Galway City Council
  • Galway County Council
  • Limerick City & County Council
  • Mayo County Council
  • Monaghan County Council
  • Roscommon County Council
  • Waterford City & County Council
  • Wicklow County Council