EPA Tidy Towns Special Award for Waste Prevention

tidy town competition logoIn 2014, the Environmental Protection Agency is sponsoring a special competition: the EPA Tidy Towns Special Award for Waste Prevention. 

This award is to recognise communities that have undertaken activities to prevent waste and use resources efficiently. When we talk about waste prevention, we’re not talking about recycling; we’re talking about not generating waste in the first place. This can be achieved by consuming less and using resources and materials efficiently.

This award is open to ANY COMMUNITY GROUP, not just Tidy Towns. 



2 National Runner-Up Prizes: €500 Each


To learn more about the award, and to download the Application Form, click here. 

To support Tidy Towns and other community groups in waste prevention project, LAPN has set up a special area of its website with many examples of waste prevention, carried out in the Community, in Homes, Businesses, Schools, and in relation to local Events and Festivals with your local authority or other organisations. There are also examples in four specific areas of Water, Waste & Materials, Energy and Transport. Click here to see these examples.