Wicklow Targets Textiles, Hazardous Waste and Businesses in 2015

Wicklow County Council took a three strand approach for its waste prevention LAPN projects in 2015.

The textile reuse and recycling strand aimed to utilise the local charity shop sector to quantify the volume of textiles reused in the area and to examine (and improve) the types of textile reuse and recycling activities available to communities.

While there were a number of textile reuse workshops and activity groups operating in the area, these tended to be basic.

By partnering with the Rediscovery Centre in Ballymun (Rediscover Fashion), these workshops were improved and the textile reuse skills level within the communities was raised.

The second strand of the project was a mini project on hazardous waste targeted at transition year (TY) students in a secondary school in the area and it was integrated into the school curriculum under sustainability studies.

The students learned about hazardous wastes in a structured lesson. They then conducted a survey on household waste and compiled the survey results. From here, they could research alternatives that were less harmful to both health and the environment.

Businesses and students comprised the audience for the third strand of Wicklow’s project which was developed in conjunction with local Tidy Town’s committees. This activity involved a treasure hunt whereby students visited local businesses to find waste prevention tips for householders linked to each particular business.

At each venue, they found a clue that led to the next business venue (and the next waste prevention tip). The treasure hunt took place during European Week for Waste Reduction (EWWR) and the winning student won a prize. In addition to the tips for householders found on the treasure hunt trail, the businesses themselves each suggested a waste prevention business tip that they themselves could follow.