Westmeath Project to make organic weed & moss killer

Westmeath County Council is working with with Foróige & Tidy Towns Group to make an alternative to chemical weed & moss killers. The “Greener Gardening” booklet, previously funded under the LAPN, is being as a guidance document in this project.

The local authority met the project group and researched organic weed & moss killer for use by Tidy Towns’ work in the community. The group carried out a survey in the community to establish existing usage of chemical/organic sprays, research alternative sprays, prepare and test sprays at a workshop, monitor and evaluate sprays, prepare stickers & bottles to circulate to community to use.

The effect of chemical weed and moss killers (commonly used) are in direct contradiction to the Tidy Towns competition that includes categories for “Sustainable Waste & Resource Management category” & “Wildlife, Habitats and Natural Amenities”. The aim of this project is rectify this anomaly.

This project also supports the prevention of hazardous wastes to households, communities and small businesses building on effective initiatives and disseminating best practice through the region – another Tidy Towns objective.

The partners with Westmeath County Council are:

  • Foróige Group
  • Tidy Towns Group
  • The wider community
  • Foróige Federation a National level as it will be promoted as part of Citizenship Awards
  • The local media


Anticipated outcomes include:

  • To prevent the purchase and use of hazardous/chemical weed killers.
  • To make an organic weed and moss killer.
  • To increase awareness of hazardous waste and alternatives available within the group’s involved and wider community.
  • To circulate to community by providing stickered bottle with recipe for weed/moss killer.
  • To improve the local environment, including soil, water and habitats.