Stop Food Waste/Green Business Breakfast for Carlow

Carlow County Council is planning a business breakfast to promote resource efficiency and food waste prevention with those in the locality who are involved in the food retail sector.

Carlow has a strong successful tradition of hosting business breakfasts through organisations such as Carlow Local Enterprise Office and Carlow Chamber of Commerce.

With support from CTC, the established networking and breakfast meeting structure can deliver a morning introduction to local food retail businesses in Carlow in relation to the savings that can be made by making changes in their practices in relation to food waste.

This will also encourage local business to engage in the Green Business Programme currently offered by CTC and the EPA with the potential to not only make savings in food waste but also increase resource efficiency throughout their business.

Carlow County Council will engage with Carlow Chamber of Commerce, Carlow Local Enterprise Office, Carlow Tourism and Love Carlow Group to ensure a full and suitable attendance.

CTC, through their involvement in Stop Food Waste and Green Business, will play a central role.

Involving partners such as Carlow Chamber of Commerce, Carlow Local Enterprise Office and Carlow Tourism also ensures maximum media exposure of this project.

Participants will be sought through traditional local media e.g. Carlow Nationalist and KCLR but social media will play a big part in this initiative and each partner will ensure maximum exposure on their social media accounts.

Some expected outcomes from the business breakfast include:

  • Raising environmental issues such as food waste among local leading orgainisations in Carlow such as the project partners.
  • Achieving real savings and change in practices in terms of food waste prevention in the food retail sector in Carlow.
  • Opening links and opportunities between Carlow County Council’s Environmetnal Awareness Officer and local business for further engagement and programmes.
  • Raising awareness among other businesses in Carlow as to the opportunities and support available to them from agencies such as the EPA and CTC.