South Dublin Stop Food Waste ‘Training the Trainer’ Programme

South Dublin County Council is undertaking a Stop Food Waste – Train the Trainer programme. This pilot project aims to build local capacity in delivering the Stop Food Waste Challenge.

A training programme has been developed in conjunction with Stop Food Waste (CTC) and two training sessions are being to interested groups of participants in the county. The end of the training sessions includes a small presentation and celebration piece for the trained facilitators where participation certificates are presented. A competition/draw is also carried out to encourage participants to engage fully in the training, especially around the weighing of the food waste and providing weights and by extrapolation, money (€2 per kilo) saved and the provision of photos of this process in action.

Following the training, the participants then go out in to the community and spread the “Stop Food Waste” message through the provision of the Food Waste Challenge training and “Stop Food Waste” information stands.

The project is taking place from October 2017 to March 2018.

While Stop Food Waste Challenges have been successfully run in the county previously, they are time consuming to organise and facilitate. In order to do more than 1 or 2 a year it is necessary to have more facilitators. Therefore, an ideal scenario would be to have 4-8 facilitators around the county so that when local groups express interest there would be a facilitator available and close by. This project aims to address this issue and would develop, in conjunction with CTC, a “Stop Food Waste – Train the Trainers” programme.