Roscommon Begins Food Waste Programme

Roscommon County Council has begun a series of food waste audits in the region as part of its work with LAPN for 2017/18.

The local authority aims to conduct ten such audits to determine percentages and types of Food Waste and the associated costs for businesses. The aim is that once wastes and their sources are identified, the business has an opportunity to reduced the wastes and follow up visits by the local authority support any actions.

The businesses will all be within Roscommon town with a range medium to small size businesses such as service stations, coffee shops, restaurants, bakery, fast food outlet.

The local authority aims to present “Food Waste Aware “ Ecolabels (working title) to businesses that have reduced food waste to target or are already reaching target.

These logos will help to support awareness raising of the issue of food waste and are an incentive for the businesses to take part and to take action. The logos can be displayed on menus and window stickers or plagues, websites- the principle behind the logo is that quality home cooked food is eaten and therefore reduction in plate waste – quality not quantity is larger portion or serving is required. It therefore appeals to customers as a quality standard and does not simply translate as smaller portions.

The local authority also aims to create a short film showcasing the project and this will be made available on this website and promoted by Roscommon County Council.