Reusable coffee cups initiative in Meath

Following on Meath County Council’s implementation of an in-house reusable coffee cups initiative, the local authority has expanded the programme to motor dealers and coffee retailers in the county.

Meath County Council has offered 2 reusable keep cups for 1,000 new car sales in the region, helping drivers to make to make sound environmental choices on the road.

The local authority has also worked with coffee retailers with a view to creating a voluntary contribution scheme whereby each outlet (or head office where a chain of stores exists) will make a contribution towards their local tidy towns group towards waste prevention and reduction. There is a small sign at the till in retailers indicating this and promotion use of a keep cup. This gives retailers and their customers the benefit of doing something positive for the environment with little individual effort.

Meath County Council has also undertaken an on-line survey collecting data on the use of disposable cups, asking participants to take part in a survey ‘ how many cups in a day/week on average’, providing winners with a keep cups.

These new branded items are seen as attractive and desirable, and are valued by the people who receive them.