European Week for Waste Reduction

The European Week for Waste Reduction (EWWR) is a 3 year project supported by the Life+ Programme of the European Commission until 2011.  In 2009, the Week will take place from the 21 to the 29 November 2009.


In Ireland, the EPA National Waste Prevention Programme (NWPP) is the national organiser for EWWR.  Invitations have been issued to prevention partners to get involved and over 30 events are scheduled by 15 organisations.

Projects Proposed in the Republic of Ireland

Purpose of EWWR

  • To raise awareness about waste reduction strategies and about the policies of the European Union and its Member States on this subject
  • To promote sustainable waste reduction actions across Europe
  • To highlight the work accomplished by various actors, through concrete examples of waste reduction
  • To encourage changes in the behaviour of Europeans (consumption, production) in everyday life.

Who is EWWR for?

For European citizens who participate in actions set up by Project Developers during the Week and learn about the kind of waste reduction habits that they can take up in everyday life.

These EWWR Organisers act as coordinators of the Week in the area covered by their authority, thereby ensuring the registration and validation of actions proposed by various Project Developers.

For “Project Developers” interested in carrying out awareness raising actions on the subject of waste prevention during the Week, with the aim of informing the greatest possible number of citizens.  These Project Developers register their proposals for EWWR actions through the national, regional or local Organiser covering their area.

For those public authorities across Europe that have competence in the field of waste prevention that responded to a Call for Interest launched by the official partners of the project.

EPA National Waste Prevention Programme is the national organiser for EWWR in Ireland who will update this webpage from time to time.  Confirmed events to take place during the week will be posted here.  Partner organisations have been invited to participate including those implementing the NWPP, Green Homes, Green Business, Green Hospitality, Green Schools, Packaging Prevention and Food Waste Prevention/Home Composting programmes.