Monaghan Leisure Centre resource efficiency project

monaghan heat pump
Heat pump at the centre

During 2013, Monaghan County Council worked with Monaghan Leisure Centre to reduce waste and to also implement a number of energy efficiency measures.

Monaghan County Council initiated a number of energy saving measures at the swimming pool at the end of 2012 which became operational during 2013. A new ground source and air heat pump were installed to replace one of the existing gas boilers. The other gas boiler was replaced with a 4 boiler “skip kit”. Both projects combined are saving over €40,000 per annum with an expected pay back of somewhere between 4 and 5 years.

A waste characterisation study was conducted and two opportunities for waste prevention were identified, namely plastic bottles and disposable blue paper towels. In co-operation with the swimming pool management, Coral Leisure, reusable drinking bottles and reusable gym towels were purchased and given to members. The management then installed a chilled water fountain and the rolls of blue paper towels were removed. To highlight this initiative posters and pull ups were displayed around the premises encouraging members to reuse their bottles and to bring a towel with them.

Data from the waste contractor indicates that there was a 54% reduction in amount of waste sent for recycling and a 26% reduction in waste sent to landfill when comparing quarter 3 and quarter 4 of 2013. 

Monaghan County Council continues to work with the STEM project and to encourage companies to register with Green business. To date 26 Monaghan companies are registered with STEM, the largest number in any of the participating Local Authorities and 2 companies from Monaghan received REAs from Green business during 2013.

monaghan waste prevention swimming pool
Waste prevention
monaghan swimming pool poster
Awareness raising poster










For more information contact:

Nial O’Connor, Environment Section, Monaghan County Council, MTEK 11, Armagh Rd, Monaghan.

tel: 047 30556 or 0872283466.