Mobile Waste Prevention App in Donegal

Donegal County Council (DCC) is developing a mobile app for the provision of waste services and waste prevention information.

This development is due to the introduction of changes in waste management charging systems to a Pay By Weight system, whereby there is an opportunity to provide information to householders on how to reduce waste by linking it to the services available and waste prevention techniques. Through the use of the app there is also a mechanism to send message to the user on a regular basis, these messages can be used to deliver simple waste prevention tips to households.

The product in its current form is already being used by a number of Council in Northern Ireland and there is potential for use by other Local Authorities if not all Local Authorities in Ireland.

Donegal County Council also feel this would be a very useful education tool for visitors to the County as visitors often do not have information about waste collection and recycling services. This can then lead to issues of illegal dumping and littering. Having access to the app would provide such information, hopefully leading to a reduction in litter and illegal dumping during the holiday period.

A marketing plan is also being put in place including an advertising campaign using both radio and online advertising.