Limerick Clare Kerry Eco Pledge Programme and Video

Limerick Clare Kerry Regional Waste Management Office as set up an Eco Pledge Programme for people to make a pledge to improve their environmental behaviour.

Sometimes we feel overwhelmed by environmental issues and helpless to do anything about it. The Eco Pledge system makes it easy, people can choose an action that they can easily do and take the Eco-Pledge. Small changes in behaviour can have a huge impact when combined with thousands of like-minded people.

Pledges can be made to:

  • Choose Tap Water
  • Say no to paper bags
  • Make a shopping list and stick to it
  • Use both sides of the page
  • Invest in rechargable batteries
  • Repair and customize you clothes
  • Say no to junk mail
  • Choose less packaging
  • Re-use Stuff
  • Raise Awareness

Click here to make a pledge (or four)

LCK RWMO have also made a brilliant video showing how the pledge can work in reality, with students from Crescent College on the streets of Limerick – check it out!