Laois County Council Engaging young people with iRadio

Laois County Council has developed and delivered a series of waste prevention related adverts on iRadio. The themes of the 30 second ads include information on and a call to action relating to:

  • Food Waste
  • Changing shopping habits
  • Dashboard dining (eg alternatives to takeaway cups etc)

It was felt that this is a good method of reaching and encouraging behavioural change in young people because that target audience is generally a hard to reach demographic as they generally are not involved in other engagement avenues generally used by local authority environmental awareness officer (EAO) networks such as Tidy Towns etc.

Laois County Council received support from a national Tidy Towns adjudicator and author of the Waste Prevention Tidy Towns booklet as well as the Regional Waste Management Office, CTC and the Chair and vice chair of the Laois Federation of Tidy Towns to develop the scripts for the campaign.