Galway City Council develops multilingual waste management leaflets

Galway City Council Environment Department has produced multilingual waste management leaflets for restaurants and businesses in the city.

To reflect the multicultural and multilingual nature of the Galway City community, these guides have been developed and distributed in English, Urdu (Indian) and Mandarin (Chinese).

These have now been distributed to restaurants in the city and have been very well received, overcoming the language barrier that previously exited.

The leaflets give guidance on how to segregate food waste properly for composing, as well as information on recycling, general/landfill waste, glass, cooking oil and grease traps.

To download the PDF versions of these click on the links:

Urdu Leaflet

Mandarin Leaflet

English Leaflet

To reuse these (kindly made available by Mary O’Leary, Galway City Council) for your own local authority, (using your own logos etc.) contact LAPN here.

These have been uploaded on the LAPN Discussion Forum for local authorities on Basecamp for everybody who is signed in to that too. To join that network, contact LAPN too.

Well done Galway!