Galway Arts Festival 2011 Goes Green

Galway Arts Festival 2011, in association with Galway City Council and the Environment Protection Agency LAPN Programme, ‘greened’ this year’s festival and reduced its environmental impact.

As part of its commitment making the Festival ‘Green Aware’, festival events and venues adopted green principles, including waste reduction,  recycling, energy and water conservation.

Businesses in the city supported the initiative by becoming Green Festival Members and by also committing to improve their environmental performance by following a simple 10–step approach. Through the programme, businesses saw a reduction in waste, water and energy usage, as well as a reduction in costs. Green Festival Members were also promoted as green businesses throughout the festival, setting the foundations for Galway City to become a green, sustainable destination for future visitors and business.

The Galway Arts Festival 2001 also encouraged all festival goers to support their efforts by following these simple steps:

  • Never litter. If you can’t find a bin, keep your waste with you and ask a steward or volunteer where the closest bin is.
  • Recycle. Do your best to segregate waste; place recyclables in the recycling bin and, where provided, use the food waste bin for food waste and napkins.
  • Reduce waste. Say no to items you’re not going to use, such as napkins, sachets and straws. Try to avoid disposable items.
  • Be energy efficient. Switch off appliances and lights when leaving home.
  • Travel smarter. Use public transport, walk, cycle or car share to and from festival events, if possible.
  • Be water wise. Don’t leave taps running in the toilets. If you spot a leak, tell the event organisers.
  • Buy local. Try to buy local during the festival; you will be supporting the local economy and sustaining local jobs.

Well done Galway!

Click here to see more about the Galway Arts Festival 2011 ‘Green Aware’ Programme

Download the Greening Galway Arts Festival brochure click here.