Adare to Survive 2013 Goes Green

adaretosurvivelogoAdare to Survive is a 7.5km military style obstacle race taking place in Clonshire Equestrian Centre Adare, Co Limerick on Sunday September 29th 2013.

Organisers are gearing up to accommodate 1000 contestants and approximately the same number of spectators.

This year, with support from the Green Your Festival and Regional Waste Management Office, Adare to Survive is going green.

Participants are encouraged to:

  • Use reusable bottles
  • Wash gear in low temperature and with only full loads
  • Car share on training runs
  • Recycle all training waste
  • Reduce food waste with support from Stop Food Waste (

Supporters at the event are encouraged to:

  • Use all the special segregated waste and recycling bins on the course
  • Use public transport or car sharing to go to the event
  • Support Fair Trade products at the event
  • Buy local goods where possible
  • Use less packaging and reusable bags

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Facebook page at: