20 Local Authorities Adopt the Greener Cleaning and Greener Gardening Guides

20 Irish local authorities have now adopted the Greener Cleaning and Greener Gardening Guides for use in their local areas, working with community groups, Tidy Towns groups and other local initiatives.

green gardening graphicThese user friendly and informative guides have been produced by the Southern Region Waste Management Office and Clean Technology Centre under the EPA’s LAPN programme.

The Greener Gardening Guide which was also produced in conjunction with Wicklow County Council, shows how to be a greener gardener using natural products and fewer chemicals. This can reduce any negative environmental impacts though simple choices. It shows straightforward ways to get rid of pests, slugs and weeds using natural methods. The benefits of compost are outlined and how to use natural fertilisers. The right choice of plants and how to reuse rainwater are also explained.

green cleanering guide cover
The Greener Cleaning Guide
gives tips for alternative cleaning materials to use in the different areas of your home. Very often, for cleaning in the home, we use materials that produce hazardous waste. Why not tackle this issue in your local community? Room by room, the Greener Cleaning Guide gives you tips on how to save money and reduce the use of hazardous cleaning materials in your home. Distribute the guide to those in your community group who are interested, try out the ideas in the guide, meet up to see how you all get on and swap further tips and suggestions. Everybody has a cleaning tip their granny swore by!

Click here to download the Greener Gardening Guide.

Click here to download the Greener Cleaning Guide.