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Glan ThoraĆ­: Sustaining Tory Island

Hazardous Waste Prevention on the Farm 1

Hazardous Waste Prevention on the Farm 2

Poster/Popup for the prevention of waste from ‘dashboard dining’

Advert for Workshop on Waste Prevention for the Catering and Hospitality Sector

Posters for savvy shopping and waste reduction

Advert for Volunteers to Green the Midleton Food Festival

Poster/Popup of Pollution Prevention for Longford Farms

Waste Management (Food Waste) Regulations Leaflet

Postcard for dog license renewals Monaghan County Council

Action at Work Midleton Town Council & Midleton Area Office

Small Business Initiative and Hazardous Waste Reduction

Poster/Popup of Glan Thorai Sustaining Tory Island Project

Green Fleadh/Fleadh Ghlas Household Leaflet 2011