Relove Paint

Relove paint brings you a locally sourced and locally produced paint made from reused paint

What is Relove Paint?

Relove Paint is a good quality, affordable paint being produced by three Cork based social enterprises using paint which they collect from local authority civic amenity sites.

As well as helping to protect our environment by diverting paint from waste, Relove Paint delivers jobs locally and reduces costs for individuals, community groups and businesses who are using the paint. The water based paint is available in a variety of colours and can be purchased through the social enterprises.

Where Can I Buy Relove Paint?

Relove Paint can be purchased from any of the producers below:

What Should I do with Unwanted Paint?

Unwanted paint should always be disposed of at your local civic amenity site or recycling centre. Find your local centre here: Waste Service Centres Near You | Where to Bring Waste Ireland My Waste

Relove Paint is a member of Ireland’s Paint Reuse Network. For more information click here.

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