Greening of Dubai Duty Free Irish Open at Lahinch

Prevention for Community Groups

Clare County Council carried out work, along with the local community, to green the Dubai Duty Free Irish Open at Lahinch.

Steps taken include:

– Implementing greening actions at the casual trading site set up by Clare County Council and getting casual traders selling food to use compostable food and drink packaging, to minimise the use of single-use items, and appropriately segregate their waste.

Encouraging people to avoid the use of single use plastic, with Greener Clare promoting reusable bottles around Lahinch.

– Waste segregation: providing 20 recycling stations in Lahinch town during the event so visitors were able to segregate their waste to recycling; food waste & compostables; and general waste.

– Providing resource efficiency assessments to interested businesses on how to take steps to save money by reducing energy use, water use and waste generation.

–  Providing Greener Clare litter packs, a Helpful Hints For Visitors infographic to reduce visitor impact on the receiving environment, and the Irish Water and Clean Coast Think Before you Flush tips to businesses to display in their premises.