About LAPN

NWPP logoTIF copy smallThe Local Authority Prevention Network (LAPN) is a cooperative programme between the Environmental Protection Agency’s National Waste Prevention Programme and local authorities in Ireland. LAPN aims to build capacity in local authorities for promoting waste prevention at a local and grassroots level for the benefit of their regions.

Begun in 2010, LAPN follows on from the successful completion of the Local Authority Prevention Demonstration (LAPD) Programme (2006 – 2009) which also involved a range of waste prevention projects around Ireland.

The network acts as a mechanism to engage with local authorities directly in implementing waste prevention and resource efficiency projects both within their own organisation’s activities and throughout their functional areas. They are accomplishing this by either piloting new prevention initiatives locally and/or promoting other National Waste Prevention Programme (NWPP) projects in their areas.

If you would like your local authority to join LAPN or to gain free technical support from CTC,  get in touch now.