Limerick Crèche/Childcare Facility Waste Prevention and Resource Efficiency Project

Limerick City & County Council have carried out a Crèche/Childcare facility Waste Prevention and Resource Efficiency Project.The project identified 5 Crèche/Childcare Facilities providing similar services. These facilities included both community based enterprises. A desktop audit of the bills waste, energy and water in 2015 in each of the participating facilities was carried out. This resulted […]

LAPN a Good Practice Example in new European Report

LAPN gets special mention in a new report on waste prevention in Europe. a The Report, from the European Environment Agency, (published on December 17th, 2014): Waste Prevention in Europe – the status in 2013 lists LAPN as a Good Practice Example according to Annex IV of the Waste Prevention Directive under measure 7: “The Inclusion of measures […]

EPA Tidy Towns Special Award for Waste Prevention

In 2014, the Environmental Protection Agency is sponsoring a special competition: the EPA Tidy Towns Special Award for Waste Prevention.  This award is to recognise communities that have undertaken activities to prevent waste and use resources efficiently. When we talk about waste prevention, we’re not talking about recycling; we’re talking about not generating waste in […]

Galway County Council Headquarters Assesses it Waste

Details of waste arising in Galway County Council headquarters for the past number of years has been collated and analysed by the local authority. An awareness programme to create awareness of the importance of waste prevention and resource efficiency both in the workplace and in the home was initiated to address waste prevention and resource […]