Dublin City Council Working to Prevent Food Waste in Schools and Households

Dublin City Council is tackling the issue of food waste in secondary schools and households. Working with home economics classes in a pilot number of up to five schools, the local authority is implementing the Stop Food Waste Challenge template to introduce the idea of food waste prevention in home economics class and at home […]

Wicklow Food Waste Challenge Games for Primary Schools

Wicklow County Council is developing Food Waste Challenge resources for primary schools in order to promote food waste prevention and healthy eating among young people. The local authority is creating and rolling out two games in local schools, one for senior level and one for junior level which will help teachers introduce food waste prevention […]

Wicklow County Council Runs Hazardous Waste School Programmes

Since 2015, Wicklow County Council has been running, in partnership with the Dominican College in Wicklow, a Transition Year (TY) module called Sustainable Education. This module explored ways of behaving more sustainably and included actions taken by the students to practice new behaviours. This has now been developed further to undertake an education programme based […]

Festive Cookery Demonstrations in Laois

Laois County Council has implemented four Festive Cookery Demonstrations and distributed Promotional Materials including an A5 Flyer and other materials promoting waste prevention. These events took place from September to December 2015 in various venues and events around the county, including: National Ploughing Championships (NPC) and Social Media campaign Teacher Training Workshops – completed and […]

Wicklow Targets Textiles, Hazardous Waste and Businesses in 2015

Wicklow County Council took a three strand approach for its waste prevention LAPN projects in 2015. The textile reuse and recycling strand aimed to utilise the local charity shop sector to quantify the volume of textiles reused in the area and to examine (and improve) the types of textile reuse and recycling activities available to […]

Workshops and Events in Waterford

The Waterford City and County Council LAPN project in 2015 focused on the importance of improving the understanding of waste prevention and resource efficiency – namely single use items & packaging at festivals, food waste, plastic bottles, excess products & packaging. This was achieved by hosting a series of workshops for schools & youths, Stop […]