Roscommon Begins Food Waste Programme

Roscommon County Council has begun a series of food waste audits in the region as part of its work with LAPN for 2017/18. The local authority aims to conduct ten such audits to determine percentages and types of Food Waste and the associated costs for businesses. The aim is that once wastes and their sources […]

An LAPN Stop Food Waste Challenge for Secondary Schools

Galway City Council, Galway County Council, Mayo County Council and Roscommon County Council have developed a specific programme/module aimed at secondary school students to engage them on the issue of food waste and also challenge them to take actions in their home/school to prevent food waste. The four local authorities are piloting the programme in […]

Roscommon Engaging with Households on Food Waste

Roscommon County Council, with support from Zero to Waste Consultancy, aims to visit 500 households to engage face-to-face with 40% of the householders visisted i.e. 200 householders, as part of a programme to raise awareness and reduce household food waste in the region. The engagement with householders will involve a discussion on food waste generation […]

Roscommon Develops Green Cleaning Videos

Roscommon County Council has developed a series of ‘green cleaning’ videos for householders, called ‘Green Cleaning Life Hacks’. These are supported by a series of recipes for the greener cleaning products that are used in the videos. The aim of the short videos is to support those householders who want to clean their homes in […]

Roscommon Develops Repair Directory

Roscommon County Council has developed a Repair Directory for the county, offering a major boost to reuse and repair in the region. This is an important element of establishing what services already exists in the county and in their promotion. Furthermore the research for this directory has acted as a mapping exercise and is an […]

Roscommon Works with ICA on Upcycling

Roscommon County Council has been working with the local Irish Countrywomen’s Association to promote reuse and upcyclign in the region. There are nine ICA groups in County Roscommon who meet monthly and also meet three times a year as a federation. These groups have extensive sewing and craft skills and can readily apply their skills […]

Roscommon Develops Greener Cleaning Stickers for Households

In order to support householders in greening the cleaning of their homes and in reusing materials, Roscommon County Council has developed a set of Greener Cleaning Stickers Sheet of Stickers for Green Cleaning. These stickers for greener cleaning products list ingredients (and quantities). The stickers can then be put on old spray bottles and jars […]

Awareness Raising Programme in Roscommon County Council

Roscommon County Council Environment Department has implemented an environmental awareness raising programme within the local authority. A specially commissioned logo and brand was developed for the scheme: Greener Together. At the end of 2015 all Roscommon County Offices were relocated to a new building. This presented with the ideal opportunity to introduce an environmental awareness […]

Roscommon Food Waste Challenge in Primary Schools

Roscommon County Council has implemented the Food Waste Challenge in Primary Schools in the county. Three Stop Food Waste Challenges with parents of pupils in Greenschools in Boyle Parochial School and Monsignor McCarthy N.S. and pupils from the LTI courses in the Genealogy Centre in Strokestown. The Challenge involves participating in four workshops and participants […]

Roscommon County Council Supplies Reusable Cups to Staff

Roscommon County Council has supplied reusable cups to its staff, in a bid to reduce or eliminate the use of disposal plastic cups. Each year Roscommon County Council staff were using 18,000 plastic cups. It was determined that plastic cups would not be provided in the new Roscommon county building. Staff were supplied with a […]