Meath Develops Awareness Raising Programme

Meath County Council has developed an Awareness programme for householders in the region consisting of three main elements. Firstly a Cinema Advertising Campaign is being implemented in Navan and Ashbourne Cinemas, highlighting food waste prevention. Secondly there are a number of lunch time lectures being given by Glenville Nutrition covering a range of topics including […]

Carlow Engages with ICA on Food Waste Prevention

Carlow County Council has engaged with the local 13 guilds of the Irish Countrywomen’s Association to participate in the Stop Food Waste Challenge. The ICA is the largest women’s association in Ireland, with more than 10,000 members and over 500 Guilds across the country. The Carlow Federation was founded in 1956 and currently has 13 […]

Monaghan County Council Supports Monaghan Food Network

Monaghan Food Network is a recently established co-operative between restaurants and food producers in the North Monaghan area. Their aims are to promote local restaurants and local produce to a wider audience. In 2016/2017 Monaghan County Council Environment Section has supported the group in relation to sustainable food and food waste prevention with the following: […]

Dublin City Council Working to Prevent Food Waste in Schools and Households

Dublin City Council is tackling the issue of food waste in secondary schools and households. Working with home economics classes in a pilot number of up to five schools, the local authority is implementing the Stop Food Waste Challenge template to introduce the idea of food waste prevention in home economics class and at home […]

Dublin Local Authorities Develop a Food Waste Cinema Advert

South Dublin County Council and Dublin City Council have developed and distributed a cinema advert: Stop Food Waste – Think before you shop. The concept behind this project was to address the issue of food waste before point of purchase thus encouraging consumers to “Stop Food Waste – Think before you shop”. By doing so […]

Galway City and County Councils and GMIT to Host Food Waste Prevention Event

Galway City and County County Councils and GMIT will Host Food Waste Prevention Event in 2018. This initiative is based a two day event in GMIT (over two weeks) with culinary demonstration and panel discussions designed to highlight food waste as an issue and address solutions. The event will be streamed live. The relevance to […]

Roscommon Begins Food Waste Programme

Roscommon County Council has begun a series of food waste audits in the region as part of its work with LAPN for 2017/18. The local authority aims to conduct ten such audits to determine percentages and types of Food Waste and the associated costs for businesses. The aim is that once wastes and their sources […]

Wicklow Food Waste Challenge Games for Primary Schools

Wicklow County Council is developing Food Waste Challenge resources for primary schools in order to promote food waste prevention and healthy eating among young people. The local authority is creating and rolling out two games in local schools, one for senior level and one for junior level which will help teachers introduce food waste prevention […]

An LAPN Stop Food Waste Challenge for Secondary Schools

Galway City Council, Galway County Council, Mayo County Council and Roscommon County Council have developed a specific programme/module aimed at secondary school students to engage them on the issue of food waste and also challenge them to take actions in their home/school to prevent food waste. The four local authorities are piloting the programme in […]

Roscommon Engaging with Households on Food Waste

Roscommon County Council, with support from Zero to Waste Consultancy, aims to visit 500 households to engage face-to-face with 40% of the householders visisted i.e. 200 householders, as part of a programme to raise awareness and reduce household food waste in the region. The engagement with householders will involve a discussion on food waste generation […]