Take the “Stop Food Waste Challenge”

image7The Stop Food Waste Programme is challenging Irish households to reduce their food waste by 1/4. Taking up this challenge will start you on the road to less food waste and saving as much as €60 each month.

The Stop Food Waste Challenge is an interesting programme to undertake with a community group. Under the “challenge” a group meets every fortnight for a few months. A set programme of fun video links and materials is gone through and each participant tries to first of all see how much food is being wasted by their household, and then do something about reducing food waste amounts.

There are different ways for each of us to reduce our food waste so SFW sets you 5 easy challenges to help you on your way. While each of these is important, the most important one will be different for everyone. It is best to start at Step 1 and work your way through them at your own pace.

Packs for running the challenge will be ready in March 2014.

Click here to learn more from the Stop Food Waste website.

Click here to see what was done in Killorglin in 2013.