Promote reuse and upcycling

image16Promote re-use & upcycling in your community – acceptance of re-use is perhaps the biggest obstacle to the circular economy.

A workshop & awareness raising session would be a relevant way of promoting the concept by a Tidy Towns group.

Many different products in the home and community can be made available for reuse, or with a bit of work or TLC can by upcycled, such as furniture, clothes, textiles, bicycles, toys, tools etc.


The Limerick local authorities promoted the sale of upcycled furniture – above some examples of items of upcycled furniture that had previously been waste collected at a civic amenity site.

Show people some of the movies made by the  “Story of Stuff” initiative about the way we make, use and quickly throw away much the stuff in our lives. Click here to see The Story of Stuff.