Promote local initiatives on food waste


Savour Limerick – featuring local chefs’ recipes for left-overs & waste prevention tips produced by Limerick City Council in conjunction with Limerick Tidy Towns

Local events to promote food waste prevention, such as cooking demonstrations (e.g. ICA, chefs from local businesses), competitions, recipes & food waste reduction tips are held on a regular basis around the country.

These are great get-togethers and are very effective to raise awareness on food waste. There are also plenty of tasty tidbits on offer!

Why not make a local cook book on how to use up those left overs.

Talk to your local Environment Awareness Officer Contact or organise such an event or initiative yourselves.

Click here for details of a great event in Galway.

Click here for details of a great even in Cork.

Click here to download the Savour Limerick Cook Book.