Liaise with community repair projects, repair networks, fix-it workshops

kilkenny mens shed

From the Kilkenny Mens Shed, bird and bat boxes for sale

Tie into the groups that might already be underway in your area undertaking repair projects or workshops, for example in Mens Sheds.

There is a mens’ shed programme in Kilkenny City , for example, doing a number of waste prevention related initiatives, such as:

  • Taking old bikes from Kilkenny County Council’s recycling centre, carrying out repairs and selling them on to raise funds for their organisation.
  • They have created bird boxes and window boxes from reclaimed wood.
  • They also have a community garden in a very scenic spot in the middle of the city, which has been successful in getting Local Agenda21 funding.

Maybe in time you might set up a community repair project or fix-it workshop. It’s also a very good social outlet for people in the community, many of whom might have skills they no longer use.

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