Hold energy-saving information evenings

LED bulb

image: © Wikepedia

There are many options to promote energy conservation in the community. People will be interested as there are great potential savings in the home or in businesses.

Why not invite a few local businesses to talk on:

  • what grants are available for energy saving,
  • what installation costs typically are and what type of money savings are possible
  • examples include: an insulation fitter (for wall or cavity insulation), a plumber (for boilers and heating controls), or a DIY shop (for attic insulation, lagging jackets, etc.);

Why not invite a local supplier to outline what types of LED bulbs are available, costs and savings.

Another idea is to ask some local residents to showcase what they’ve done themselves, e.g. savings in fuel use with a stove versus an open fire, installation cost and savings with solar panels, etc..

For more information on exactly what grants are available from SEAI click here.

Click here to see a great leafltet on energy conservation in the home produced by Galway County Council.