Composting – don’t just make it – use it!

compost-manMake compost and use it in your Tidy Towns activities the following year. Work out how much bought compost you’ve saved by using your own.

For leaves – create a centralised composting area perhaps in conjunction with a local school or institution. Reuse the leaf mulch in your Tidy Towns activities.

Approach local farmers or stables for manure.

Stop Food Waste have been running the National Master Composter Training programme since 2009. Master Composters are individuals who are trained on all aspects of home composting and food waste prevention and many Demonstration Sites are in place around the country. Check on the map if there is a Master Composter or Demo Site near you.

Stop Food Waste helped the Tidy Town national winner in 2012, Abbeyshrule, County Longford, with setting up a composting system for community generated materials and using grasscycling and mulching to cut down on work and green waste. In 2013, they also assisted county winners Geashill and Blackwater in Offaly and Wexford respectively.

For everything you need to know about composting visit the Stop Food Waste website.