Choose tap water

flowing tap

Image: © gocarts Flickr Creative Commons

In recent years, Irish people are drinking more and more water. This is good, since it’s healthy.

But we are also spending millions of Euro per annum on bottled water, even though it is much more expensive and has a far worse environmental impact.

The average Irish person will get through 168 single-use bottles of water in a year. As a nation we discard thousands of these water bottles every day – and rather than recycle them all, we send up to 70% to landfill.

Bottled water is a thousand times more carbon intensive than tap, chiefly due to packaging and transport.  Moving bottles of water around the globe adds about 100g CO2  per bottle (source:

Why not switch from bottled to tap water in your community, saving money and preventing waste.

Try  to get into the habit of using a refillable bottle and keeping it with you. A jug in the fridge will help keep tap water nice and cold in Summer.