Begin a “No Junk mail” campaign

Start a “no junk mail” drive with members of your community who are interested. This can prevent a lot of unnecessary waste from homes and businesses in the community.

You can let the Interactive Direct Marketing Assocition (IDMA) know you don’t want any more unsolicited mail by filling out and signing the form on this website and posting it to them. This will mean no more unsolicited mail from An Post. Click here to learn how.

There are plenty of other ways of receiving notice of special offers like text and email. See if anyone else is willing to sign up.

Consider making “No junk mail” stickers, or these may be available from your Environment Awareness Officer. These will not prevent unsolicited mail from An Post, but it may deter others from delivering unwanted stuff through your door.  Contacts

This video, made by a transition year student, shows the junk mail received at one home in just one year: